Saint Petersburg State Museum-institute of the Roerichs

Saint Petersburg State Museum-institute of the Roerichs is situated on Basil Island, in academic M.P. Botkin’s old residence, where N.K. Roerich had been many times. The basis of memorial exposition of Museum-institution is heritage, kept by E.I. Roerich’s niece – Lydmila Stepanovna Mitusova and her family. During some years of existence of museum owners of private collections have given to museum a row of art and other kind of exhibits. To date its funds consist of about 15 thousand things: private things, manuscripts, paintings, arts and crafts, archeological finds, photographs and other cultural treasure, reflecting wide context of life and creation of the Roerichs.

Itself name Museum-institute means that it was forethought not only as a museum in a general meaning of this word, but also as a science centre of research of our great compatriot’s heritage.

Museum-institute offers for its guests:

  • stationary expositions, devoted to four members of the Roerichs
  • review and subject excursions
  • modern artists’ exhibitions
  • a special program for pupils “Museum orientation”
  • Science and educational publications

Museum-institute holds:

    • every third Friday culture seminar of St Petersburg Roerich’s collection
    • every fourth Sunday “Travelers’ club”
    • “Mitusova’s evenings” on Saturdays, meetings “Poets and poetry”, concerts of classic and oriental music under the rubric “Music meetings”
    • Art-educational exhibitions full size facsimile reproductions of Nicholas and Svyatoslav Roerichs’ works, and also masterpieces of world art on different exhibition stages.